Mission Statement

Cambridge/Bethlehem People-to-People Project (CBPPP) was formed in response to a specific call from citizens of Bethlehem facing tremendous social and economic isolation to “re-open” Bethlehem to the global community.

Our mission is to facilitate communication and learning between our two communities, and to share cultural, social and political expressions among all age groups. We support direct relationships with cultural and arts centers, faith-based centers, educational institutions, and projects dedicated to children and youth with special attention  to those living  in the refugee camps.

Within Cambridge, CBPPP promotes educational events that highlight the human stories of local Palestinians, the history of Bethlehem  and current  realities of life under occupation including issues relating to the environment and water.  CBPPP also acts locally on advocacy efforts.

Through the lens of our Bethlehem connection, CBPPP stands in solidarity with broader issues of justice for Palestine.